Quick Eject RV 2.0©– the new generation of quick release systems for rappelling devices with special police and military forces.

Axel Bachert Separation Systems presented innovations in the field of rappelling technology for special forces at the GPEC® 2006 in Leipzig/Germany first time.

Test the new series of the Quick Eject the ProElium I and ProElium II.

Special police and military forces have to rappel in the course of versatile deployments. Be it during the rescue of people in accidents or during action in the course of heavy crime such as kidnapping. During those actions dangerous situations keep occuring since in crucial moments the karabiner snap links currently still used as fastening elements can only be opened twohandedly by the operational personell. Severe accidents have often been the result of this system deficiency.

An instant single-handed release of a person out of the rappelling system – as it might be required in emergencies – has not been possible up until now.

Quick Eject RV 2.0© is an innovative three-ring system that is used instead of a karabiner snap link, and that facilitates an instant release from the rappelling system when necessary. Regardless of the tension and strain on the system this happens within 1-2 seconds.

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